2015 Spring Bike Clubs

Bel Aire is our host site this week! Monday, February 9th

Students from other schools are welcome to meet us. We leave from the lower Bike Racks on Monday and Friday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m. We arrive for pick up at 5:30 at a remote location.

  • We arrange pick up or drop off locations at Bel Aire, Belveron, Belvedere, Strawberry and Mill Valley. Locations such as the Planet, Mill Valley Community Center, soccer fields are examples of frequent drop off locations.
  • All children must pass a series of skills. If you think your child may not pass a beginner to intermediate skills test please expect to pick him or her up at the school. We evaluate skill levels before leaving the host location. Contact us to set up another date for a beginner skills clinic. See notes below.
  • Arrive at 3:30 if you have not pre-registered. Fill out the registration form and email it back or call to confirm. 415-686-3805

Requirements for Bike Club:

  • A completed registration form is required before starting the Bike Club.  The phone number of parent or guardian MUST be confirmed with the Instructor and President of WheelEscape.
  • Hi-Vis Kali helmets are free to all Bike Club participants after the first day of Bike Club. The helmets are required to be worn during Bike Club.
  • T-Shirts are $10. These are our signature bright orange WheelEscape t-shirts that help keep our group together and show our team spirit! They are also required to be worn during Bike Club.

Suggestions for Bike Club:

  • Bikes should have gears and hand brakes. Coaster brake bikes will slow the group.
  • Advanced Bike Club should have at least size 24inch wheels in order to be fair with our group effort.
  • Nutrition is a top priority. We supply snacks that have natural ingredients. If your child is picky please include a healthy snack in his/her backpack. Hungry kids have trouble listening, focusing and having fun.
  • Invest in a water bottle cage and water bottle. Make sure the water bottle is with the bike and fits in the cage.

(There are many beginners, young and old, who’ve never learned to balance on two wheels. This is a specific course that we schedule upon request and can schedule a group course to happen on a weekend.)

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