Tiburon: 2014

People who bike each day can earn helmets, jackets, gloves etc.. Anyone can apply to join the campaign by asking someone already in the campaign. Campaign individuals are easy to find. They wear bright orange apparel and ride in groups.  The purpose of the campaign is to grow cycling, teach how to use existing routes correctly, ask for improvements to barriers along the routes and to have fun. We engage the community through word of mouth, bike education events, parade entries, Friday race for ice cream, public meetings, fundraisers and other campaigns to promote bicycling such as the 3 Foot Law Demonstration and the Ride for Robin Williams. All participants of the Bike To Earn win in the end!



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San Rafael, 11/12/2014

 Give 3 ft for Cyclists


November 12, 3:30 pm
Pickleweed Park
3 Foot Law Educational Campaign


Tiburon, 10/2013 to Present

The Tiburon Bike Train identified a barrier to safe cycling and over the past year two people have been struck in the crosswalk at Ned’s Way. The issues have been submitted, planned and now we ask that they be considered for construction as soon as possible.
1. A Green Bike Lane on Greenwood Beach Road and Blackfield Dr.
2. Pedestrian Activated Rapid Flashing Beacon at Neds Way and Tiburon Blvd.
Write your letter to the Town of Tiburon City Council to support plans for both crossings.
The County of Marin Board of Supervisor, Kate Sears,

About The Green Bike Lane

The Reed District Safe Routes to Schools Task Force supports Reed School’s application for an for bicycle and pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Blackfield Drive and Tiburon Boulevard.  This intersection is used daily by students traveling to Bel Aire School.  The confusion of the intersection makes it a dangerous point in their bike trip.
The intersection, as designed, emphasizes high‐speed vehicular travel and provides little guidance for users that walk or bike. Although traffic capacity is very important to facilitate along a major corridor like Tiburon Boulevard, there are opportunities to improve the safety for bicyclists and pedestrians using quick and low‐cost solutions that do not adversely affect traffic capacity.
These improvements include a high visibility crosswalk and a pedestrian activated Leading Pedestrian Interval to increase the ability of crossing the intersection.  The proposal would narrow the wide northbound Greenwood Cove Drive vehicle lane to provide a bike lane, a section of dashed green bike lanes to indicate a mixing zone, and a “bike box” to allow bicycles to queue at the intersection. The improvement would align bicyclists with northbound traffic to provide greater visibility to drivers.  It will convert the northbound right turn lane and curbside parking into a buffered bike lane. The section of Blackfield Drive north of the intersection and across the driveways into the shopping center would receive the dashed green bike lane treatment to indicate a mixing zone.
These solutions and others in the proposal will create a much safer environment for students of the Reed School District to walk and bike to school.  We are very excited to see the possibility of these much-needed safety improvements implemented.


San Francisco, Marin County, 9/14/2014

Ride For Robin Williams
Celebrate the awesome life of our friend, neighbor, fellow cyclists and awesome entertainer…


Join hundreds of other locals who knew Robin Williams as a friend, entertainer, business partner, classmate or just another cyclist to smile and wave to.
Meet for a group bike ride collecting cyclists along the way to convene at Blackies Pasture for a ride through Tiburon on the Paradise Loop to Trestle Glen and back to Blackies to honor Robin at 10:00 a.m.
– 8:00 am Chrissy Field
– 8:00 am The Java Hut