Adult Bike Instruction

Come to Blackies Pasture at 3:30 pm on Fridays to learn the basics including
skills for the dirt,
how to get stronger, climb faster, descend with confidence and maintain overall speed during your ride. 

You’ll also learn want how to ride with your children and their friends in group rides if you stay for Blackies Derby from 4 to 4:45.



Do your children ride in a group (a bike train) to school? Learn what they need to know when you come to Blackies Derby!

Our curriculum covers all the “Need to Know” of basic bike handling and rules of the road.

Particulars about your equipment and basic mechanics are just as important so each Friday we have something new to share!

We cover standard League of American Bicyclist commuter and group riding skills. No matter the skill level there is always something more to learn when it comes to the world of cycling.

We would love to work with parents after school drop off too. Anyone who would like to coordinate a session or go for a ride for fitness and fun, lets get started! 415-686-3805