Bel Aire Elementary

May 19th, 2016

The Tiburon Peninsula Foundation presents a first rate national standard in cycling education specifically designed for 4th graders.

Bel Aire 4th graders will be completing their blacktop skills portion of the Safe Routes to School PE course. The 3rd and last part of Youth Cycling 123 is an on road riding experience.

Instructors clearly point out specific scenarios that all drivers follow. Children understand much better by “doing” and experiencing a route than just being told.

During the Safe Routes PE course a video is shown to help children learn the basics. The blacktop skills help them with coordination, scanning, shifting and so on. The mission is to put all they’ve learned together for a ride in their own neighborhoods and to establish a clear operating standard of rules for cycling.

Click the waiver  to sign up.

Backpacks will be stored at Blackies Pasture. If you would like to make other arrangements  to meet us you will need to send a direct email to Include your child’s name, your phone number and your address. Tell us the plan and we’ll coordinate.  Children will not be going back to the school campus. If you aren’t able to pick up your child or you are running late call 415-686-3805. Children who want to ride home with our group must have your permission so make sure you email your information. All of the groups will conclude at Blackies where we’ll practice dirt skills and play a few bike games until 5:30.

The next two Thursdays, May 26th and June 2nd we’ll have the same practice session in order to further ingrain all the good habits and learn more routes. If your child wants to attend we must have your RSVP. Simply send a confirmation with your child’s name, your name, number, address and your plan for pick up.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to join us. You will be surprised how much there is to learn.

Make sure helmets fit, tires have good air pressure, brakes and gears are working and seat hight is adjusted. We will do an overview of each bike. The less fixing the more time we have to ride.

We will try to provide a healthy snack but if your child is picky or has allergies then please include an extra snack on Thursday. We’ll look for it in the backpack.


Spring Biking Classes for Beginners in Elementary Schools, 2016

What do we cover in the classes: This is an introduction to mt. bike skills and bike handling techniques. Once all participants have a good understanding of how to handle their bikes we will begin to teach the rules of cycling. These include road, path and dirt trail rules.

Requirements: Participants should know how to balance and be able to pedal non-stop for at least 15 minutes. If your child has not yet learned how to balance on two wheels give us a call to schedule a separate lesson day. We may be able to get them started in a matter of minutes so they could possibly join the class within a week of practicing.

Our start location will be at Bel Aire Elementary School near the main bike racks. Our end location will be at Blackies Pasture parking lot. Parents are welcome to join too!

When: Fridays

March Bike Club $210 (10 hours)

April Bike Club $150 (7.5 hours)

May Bike Club $160 (8 hours)

March through May $260  (25.5 hours)


Sign up instructions:

1. RSVP by filling out and signing the BikeClub_Registration form. Send to with your payment.  Or print and mail registrations and checks to WheelEscape, 775 E. Blithedale #390, Mill Valley CA 94941.
Option #2 Fill out the form and bring it with your check on the first day. (Add $10 for day of registration.)

Bike Training with The Orange Bike Team

You can learn more about our curriculum here.

For further information contact:, 415-686-3805