• Camino Alto Workshop Mill Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Road Safety
    Camino Alto Planning Workshop (Dec.7, 2016) This was a great workshop where Mill Valley's city officials shared the plan for providing bicycle lanes on Camino Alto in both directions, as well as various intersection and walkway improvements. It was organized to hear people's ideas and reactions to these plans, to help them learn more about the project's purpose, and to provide input on existing pedestrian and bicycle issues. Angela, Kathy and I went to see
  • Free Bike Clinics by WheelEscape in Tiburon, California
    Blackies Derby is back for 4 days this Fall. Bring friends. Clinics are best with buddies. Mark your calendars for the following dates and RSVP by the Wednesday prior to your selected date. Dates: Friday, September 16 and 30th and October 14th and 28th Time: 3:30 to 5:00 Place: Meet at Blackies Pasture Parking lot. Bring: Working bike and helmet. (Air in the tires, make sure the brakes are working.) Cost: Free RSVP by text, voice
  • New generation of educated bicyclists in pedestrians
    Come down to the picnic area at Blackies Pasture on Friday's at 3:30. Find the orange table, bring a snack, get ready to watch or ride. We have prizes! Anyone who attends four Fridays receives a Kali Helmet! Our mission is to teach children good bike handling skills, teach good sportsmanship, learn the value of friendly competition and discover the benefit of riding with order along our paths, roads and trails.
  • Spring Bicycling Tiburon Belvedere
    Group Rides To Benefit 6th- 8th Graders:   WHO: Intermediate to advanced cyclists in 6th through 8th grade and advanced 5th graders. The ride leader, Kathy McLeod will be accompanied by parent volunteers. Local mt. bike “legends" Gary Fisher, Marilyn Price, National Champion Mt. Biker, Kat Sweet and other local coaches may ride with us on occasion. WHAT: Cyclist will learn routes to trails, trail riding loops and routes to local High Schools.  WHEN: Wednesday at 2:30
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    Blackies Derby continues on March 31 and goes from 4 to 5 p.m. Beginner cyclists learn important bike handling skills and rules of the road. You will receive a Kali Hi-Vis Helmet if you attend four Fridays. (We will not be meeting during Spring Break.) RSVP by text or voice to 415-686-3805
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    Come to Blackies Pasture to learn bike handling skills.Go from balancing on two wheels to bike racing skills. Register or just come to watch and cheer kids on. Thanks to a generous grant from the  Tiburon Peninsula Foundation we’re inviting children and parents to take advantage of these fun free clinics. The goal is to increase endurance and bike handling skills for children living in the Reed Union School District for a field trip in June.
  • Friday the 13th come to Blackies Pasture at 3:30 for a very fun challenge. The Orange Bike Team is challenging all of the cyclists in the Reed Union School District to a Circuit Round Up. Come find out what this is all about. Join us, try it or just watch. Waivers will be at the location. A parent or guardian must sign the waiver for anyone under 18. All levels of skills are welcome. Groups
  • Basic skills for elementary ages. Ride the dirt, road and path at Blackies Pasture in Tiburon. A cycling coach will be on hand to help your child learn basic skills to stay safe while riding in varying conditions. Look for the orange attire!
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    Bel Aire is our host site this week! Monday, February 9th Students from other schools are welcome to meet us. We leave from the lower Bike Racks on Monday and Friday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 3 p.m. We arrive for pick up at 5:30 at a remote location. We arrange pick up or drop off locations at Bel Aire, Belveron, Belvedere, Strawberry and Mill Valley. Locations such as the Planet, Mill Valley Community Center, soccer fields
  • JOIN OUR BIKE RIDE WITH KIDS Presented by Trips for Kids, Alcohol Justice, WheelEscape and The Sylvia Bingham Fund PROMOTING THE NEW 3-FOOT LAW A new Law requires cars to pass bikes no closer than 3 feet Learn what this means for cyclists and motorists Free instruction for cyclists on how to stay safe while riding in the street followed by a ride through the Canal to demonstrate the new law Meet at Pickleweed Park
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    A group of volunteer parents and cycling enthusiasts throughout Marin are excited to invite anyone interested to this free event. Here’s the notice from Emile. Network with parents in your area who might want to join you and your child for this fun mt. bike ride.   Hello All, Super excited about getting clubs/classes together to for a ride!  We talked about doing our first multi-school ride on November 8th from College of Marin and
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    The Orange Bicycle Team is all about being visible. Wearing “safety orange” has proven to make a difference in keeping visibility high in shade, low light, against other color, in bright lights, against a bright sky in the woods, against pavement and among other people. It helps keep groups together and maintains a presence so drivers are aware. This is the first layer of safety when we take the road. When you buy our orange shirts