Board of Directors:

Kathy McLeod, President
Cycling started as a sport for Kathy during the 1990’s where she achieved National Championship titles, owned a Bike Shop, taught bike education in elementary schools, worked with local officials to improve safety for cyclist on local streets and founded Friends of the Trails and the Florida Bicycle Association.
Kathy is League Cycling Instructor and started a Tam Valley Bike Club, Strawberry Bike Club, Wade Thomas Bike Club and a Bel Aire Bike Club.
Kathy’s works locally with Safe Routes to School, Women on Wheels, the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Bike, Trips For Kids, Eschelon Riders Club and Mellow Motors Cycling Club. She authored the proposal for the Tiburon Bike Train and has worked with the county to improve bike circulation through  Tam Valley  and Strawberry.
Matina Seremetis, Secretary
Helen Werngren, Treasurer

Advisory Board:

Patrick Seidler
Brian Oldham
Marilyn Price
Dave Ross


January, 2014

Brian Oldham and Kathy McLeod filed for a new EIN number for WheelEscape to be a new organization as a non-profit 501(c)(3)
The number was filed in February and is pending official review of our application.
Our mission was decided to stay the same (Promoting a love of bicycling and a respect for the rules of the road.) Brian wants to add more to the statement to include that we are local “eye-witnesses”.

February, 2014

In order to keep fees low for upcoming bike clubs we decided to hold a fundraiser.
Nelson Vails happened to be touring his documentary. We contacted him and invited him to come to Marin.
The event is in March.

April 13, 2014

Marin Cyclists and “Legends” attended our first fundraiser with Nelson Vails, even though Sea Otter and all kinds of Fondos were going on, not to mention Spring Break.
Lorraine Jarvis.. World Champion Track racer
Mike McCarthy, National Champion Road Racer
Otis Guy, Marin County Mt. Bike Legend
Marc Vendetti, Marin County Mt. Bike Legend
Junior road racers and mt. bikers attended to watch the story of Nelson Vails.
Felicia Gaston was in attendance and is interested in following up to see about having a Bike Club in Marin City.
Women Cyclists attended and met after to discuss women’s cycling movements.
We raised $700. Our expenses were $1200

October 2014

Brian is now on our Advisory Board. We agreed Matina will take his place on our Board.
In attendance at our meeting:
Matina Seremetis
Kathy McLeod
Robin St. John
David Ross
Helen Werngren
How will we promote the bike trains?
It was decided that we should offer a fee for bike clubs in the spring, have clinics more often.
Robin: Money earned should go back to WheelEscape budget to pay for the overhead fees. We need volunteers to instruct but they still need to be trained.
Kathy: Agrees to instruct to raise money to contribute to the organization.
Robin: Wheelescape will be an all volunteer organization until we know we can hire instructors.
Dave: Kids need to be highly visible and the orange is it! We need helmets in orange. Jackets would be nice too.
Kathy: The helmets will not be worn if they are not earned. We could do a “bike to earn” program.
Matina: Not sure if the focus should be on earning something.
Kathy: Will research to find helmets and other swag but not “toys.” Everything should be useful to biking, staying visible and safe.
Matina: Will apply for local foundation grants after Kathy writes up about the specifics of the “Bike to Earn” program.
Kathy agreed to continue to try fundraising by selling the WheelEscape t-shirts. Kathy will purchase a pop-up tent for spring promotions. Kathy has contributed over $4500 this year toward applications, filing fees, website set up, etc…. Brian has contributed many hours in consulting on the application.

April 3, 2015

A grant was received and deposited in the the WheelEscape account on March 31 2015 for $1400 from the Tiburon Peninsula Foundation.
On April 2nd. A meeting was held to talk to Reed Union School District Principal, Patti Purcell about offering Safe Routes to School programs at Reed Elementary and do more outreach at Bel Aire. In attendance were. Patti Purcell, Wendi Kallins and Matina Seremetis. It was decided to hold a walking clinic at Reed Elementary and to rely on the community to promote cycling as opposed to the school. Bel Aire will continue to offer a Safe Routes to School Program and will do more to encourage students to create their own bicycling clubs.
Phone meetings and emails between board members:
April 3rd, Gracie Matejka agreed to help with marketing cycling to the community and our board agreed to welcome her aboard. Gracie also agreed to help champion the Safe Routes to School effort at Reed Elementary.
Kathy agreed to continue cycling clinics directed to children of Reed to build stamina for cycling to Bel Aire in the Fall.
Helmets have been received and paid for by the Foundation grants. The helmets will be given to kids and parents who sign waivers and complete the skills clinic.
Matina and Gracie agreed that a Poll on Nextdoor would help the community network for volunteers and to create more groups riding to school.

October, 2015  

A meeting was held to establish Middle School Mt. Biking in Tiburon. Gary Fisher, Kat Sweet and Emile Mulholland were guest speakers during the lunch break at Del Mar. Rides were held during October and November. A grant was received by the Belvedere Community Foundation to continue our bike programs in general.

October, 2015

Total Income from all individual contributions and grants for 2014-2015: $4,575

Total Expenses for 2014-2015 for all bike programs and fundraisers: $4,485

March, 2016

A meeting was held with Kathy, Matina and Brian to talk about creative after school bike programs for older children.
Middle School rides are led by Kathy from Blackies Pasture on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the Spring after school.
A Bel Aire After School Bike “Field Trip” was approved for funding by the Tiburon Peninsula Foundation for $600.
Friday clinics (Blackies Derby) are at Blackies Pasture for all ages.
June 2016
WheelEscape volunteers spoke and wrote letters in favor of improvements to be included in the The Tiburon Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan. The Plan was officially approved and updated to include
Safe Routes to School recommendations include road striping over Tiburon Blvd.

September, 2016

Kathy created a large map for Safe Routes to School volunteers to suggest routes.
WheelEscape volunteers are consulting and attending Task Force meetings to make sure POST committee agendas and Town Council agendas include next steps for local cycling initiatives.
Blackies Derby’s resumes for 4 Fridays  September – October.
Cathleen Gouveia is seeking deals on helmets and other items for us to purchase for events and programs.
Matina is continuing as Safe Routes Team Leader at Bel Aire.
Angela Mcinerney is Safe Routes Team Leader for Reed and Bel Aire.