City of Mill Valley Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning For Camino Alto – Community Workshop

Camino Alto Workshop Mill Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Road Safety

Camino Alto Planning Workshop (Dec.7, 2016)

This was a great workshop where Mill Valley's city officials shared the plan for providing bicycle lanes on Camino Alto in both directions, as well as various intersection and walkway improvements.

It was organized to hear people's ideas and reactions to these plans, to help them learn more about the project's purpose, and to provide input on existing pedestrian and bicycle issues.

Angela, Kathy and I went to see how Mill Valley's workshop format worked, hoping to learn better approaches for reaching out to the community.

What we liked about Mill Valley Workshop:

Mill Valley had a presentation, with a group of people involved in the presentation presented various aspects - financial, legal, engineering.

During the presentation, audience members could ask questions and have back and forth dialogue. A question could be asked, answered and then more clarifying questions could be asked as well. It was a very open and respectful format. After the presentation people could go and write ideas on sticky notes and put them on the various story boards around the room.

Why it was a constructive meeting?

Everyone's ideas and opinions were respected. All questions were answered.

The cool thing was that the project is about N-S bike lanes on Camino Alto. But what was "discovered" and "validated" during the workshop is that there is a critical E-W intersection of Sycamore and Camino Alto.

Instead of saying "it's not part of the scope", the workshop leaders realized that it was an important piece of the corridor that they should definitely address.

What does this mean for Tiburon?

The workshop format is a good model of ways to get everyone talking and involved. It would be really great if Tiburon could have a workshop more like Mill Valley's -- especially to help with developing the route maps. The people who live in the communities are the ones who know best about the issues with traffic and infrastructure.

Our group reached out to a few friends who were not able to make the Tiburon workshop on Bicycle-Pedestrian-Motorist Safety Education Workshop on November 29th, 2016.

We asked them to write an email to Dmitriy Lashkevich (Associate Civil Engineer at Town of Tiburon). Town of Tiburon needs to make educating the public about bike safety a priority. We are collecting lot's of great suggestions from people in Tiburon and Belvedere, as well as information on "trouble spots".

And we want to hear from YOU.

Let us know your issues, concerns, problems and worries about traffic and road safety in Tiburon. We'll make sure your voice is heard and your concern is delivered to the town officials.

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