Del Mar Middle School



When: Wednesday at 2:30 March 15th and other following Wednesdays March 23, April 13, April 20 and May 11. The following Thursdays meet at 3:30 March 31, April 7, 28, May 5 and May 19.

Tiburon’s  Middle School Mountain Bike Club is open to all local 6th, 7th and 8th graders; thanks to the Tiburon Peninsula Community Foundation and the Belvedere Community Foundation. 

Where: Blackies Pasture parking lot.

How: A Paypal “donate”  button is on our home page. Your donations tell us you like having a bike club and your contribution keeps us going no matter how small.

The mission of the Tiburon Bike Club is to develop a community of cyclists and inspire youth to continue cycling throughout adulthood.

Print and sign this Registration form. Bring it to the first ride.

History: In October a meeting was held at Del Mar Middle School to find out who might be interested in mt. biking. Local coaches including Gary Fisher, a founder/inventor of mt. biking and Kat Sweet, a National Champion Mt. Biker, Emile Mulholland, a Marin Mt. Biker who has working to create a middle school mt. bike league to include racing in the spring and Kathy McLeod a National Champion road cyclist who has established a non-profit to promote cycling education to children. Children learned about the middle school racing scene, high school mt. bike racing, and Mountain biking in general. 25 children signed up. Some children were interested in racing, some just want to learn how to safely, learn routes and where the trails are. 

Also for Middle Schoolers …

Earn Community Service Hours!

Or apply for an after school job riding your bike!

If you are a skilled 8th grade cyclist WE NEED YOU!!!

Earn Community Service hours, or take a job as a bicycle educator. Learn more about our curriculum and see where we could use your help here.  You will be leading 4th grade Bel Aire students on an after school ride for two hours. Call 415-686-3805 to apply.