Give 3 Feet… What does it mean for drivers?


Presented by Trips for Kids, Alcohol Justice, WheelEscape and The Sylvia Bingham Fund


A new Law requires cars to pass bikes no closer than 3 feet

Learn what this means for cyclists and motorists

Free instruction for cyclists on

how to stay safe while riding in the street

followed by a ride through the Canal to demonstrate the new law

Meet at Pickleweed Park Community Center

50 Canal Street, San Rafael

November 12, 2014 at 3:30 P.M.

More Information for Motorists on the 3 Ft. Law

1. The new law is needed to clearly state a minimum safe distance while passing a cyclist.
2. The law is enforced when a driver is observed passing a cyclist at an unsafe distance. The law helps to determine fault when a collision occurs between a cyclist and a motorist.
3. The penalty for breaking the law is $35 if there is no injury. $220 if the cyclist is injured. In both cases court fees and other administrative costs are added, including attorney fees, if need be.
4. If you aren’t sure if you can pass with at least 3 feet to spare then you probably should slow down and wait until you are sure it is safe to pass.
5. If you see a cyclist in a bike lane, be mindful of passing at a safe distance. Sometimes cyclist need to ride close to the left side of the bike lane to avoid debris or to pass other cyclists.
6. The 3-foot law concerns the driver of the motor vehicle when passing a cyclist. The law does not prohibit a cyclist from pulling up close to a motor vehicle at a red light, in which case the driver is also not at fault.
7. Cyclists are required to ride as far to the right as practicable but have the right to take the full lane if, for example, there is a parked vehicle or debris in the bike lane or there is no paved shoulder or the lane is too narrow .
8. As soon as a cyclist taking the lane is able to safely move to the right, s/he should do so. If five or more cars are waiting to pass, the law requires a motorist or a cyclist to find a safe place to allow cars to pass.

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