Bike Trains

Bike Trains are platoons of individuals riding bikes. The idea is to network within the community. Find out who your usual commuters are and where they want to go. Meet in a place to ride together.

The benefits of riding with a group of cyclists is to create a “slip stream” or “draft.” If you are the strongest rider you would take the front and ride a slightly slower pace of the slowest rider until they discover the benefits of drafting and gain fitness to keep up.

The WheelEscape weekend “Boot Camp” will teach you and your group all you need to know to get started. Eventually the group will gain fitness, bring in new members, you will gain a sense of community and offer an option for first timers. You will reduce congestion on the Marin County roads and you will be happy and healthy. You will be appreciated and children will understand the importance of active transportation for long term, lifelong habits.

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Become a Youth Bike Train Leader: How to Get Started

We are looking for a team of enthusiastic cyclists to ride with youth before and/or after school. Our certified instructors will be on hand to instruct volunteers on how to lead children. We encourage people to create their own riding group to and from work and/or school. We provide training for those who want to lead groups and we offer resources to get you started and help you promote your group. Contact us for more information on how you can become a ride leader.

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