Classes are kept on a black top play area. Each week we focus on developing bike handling skills and making sure children are enjoying every minute. We play games on and off the bike. We use bright colors, cones, constructed obstacle and toy props for hands on interaction. We show videos and follow up with real life examples.  We praise children on their efforts and inspire our love for cycling. We teach sportsmanship and  encourage friendships in our groups. The progression of skill levels are as follows:
  • Balance
  • Listening
  • Know your bike
  • Clean your bike
  • Name your bike
  • Love your bike
  • Fun practices
  • Safe habits

Scanning Dana

Stage One: Beginner Intermediate
  • Power starts
  • Stopping
  • Scanning
  • Riding straight
  • Shifting
  • Downhill braking/turning
  • Hand signals
  • Path etiquette
Stage Two: Intermediate
  • Learn neighborhood routes
  • Being visible and predictable
  • Rules of the road and paths
  • Bike fit
  • Mechanics
  • Bike games to develop skill


Stage Three: Advanced Intermediate
  • Riding technique
  • Power positions
  • Longer riding
  • Power, speed, pace
  • Turning and cornering
  • Descending and ascending
  • Bike games to develop skill
The Sport of Cycling
Children may want to learn about cycling as a sport. This video was taken while we were working on skills under the bridge while avoiding the rain.  Some decided to try racing!


Stage Five: Advanced (Ages 12 and up, must be able to demonstrate their ability to make the right choices while riding in the road.) 
  • USA Cycling and Mt. Biking rules and skills
  • Road strategies and group riding skills
  • Mt. Bike skills
  • Nutritional facts
  • Endurance training
  • Advanced mechanics
  • Sportsmanship guideline
  • Listening to your body
  • Refining the rules of the road