Bel Aire Elementary

Join the Orange Bicycle Team
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The Werngren Ross Family moved to Tiburon from Connecticut at school start, with the goal to spend more time outdoors and a lot less time in their cars. They’ve been riding their bikes to school every day since the first day of school, August 21. They missed out on the Yellow Bus Challenge and refuse to sit in traffic everyday.
As a result their 5th grade twins and a few of last years bike train participants bike from the Belvedere Lagoon to and from Bel Aire daily as “The Orange Bike Team”! They get exercise and have created a buzz around biking to school with their bright orange Wheel Escape shirts. Helen and Dave, together with Wheel Escape, want to promote safe bike riding and encourage others to join them in biking to school!
This is a volunteer effort – keep an eye out for The Orange Bike Team and join them when you can! Get your bright orange Wheel Escape shirt and be visible on the road! Biking is so much fun and studies show that our children are better learners after exercise!
Stay visible, don’t use the sidewalk, continue in single file, stay clear of parked cars.

Tiburon Hot Spots:

Crossing Tiburon Boulevard