November 8th, Middle School Mt. Biking

A group of volunteer parents and cycling enthusiasts throughout Marin are excited to invite anyone interested to this free event. Here’s the notice from Emile. Network with parents in your area who might want to join you and your child for this fun mt. bike ride.


Hello All,

Super excited about getting clubs/classes together to for a ride!  We talked about doing our first multi-school ride on November 8th from College of Marin and heading up Mt. Tam.

Here is what I’m thinking. Basically what we talked about in our meeting.

We meet in Lot 13, the free parking lot (P13 on map see link), at College of Marin at 10:00am. From College of Marin we will send groups of 10 along the bike path, through Ross Commons and up to Phoenix Lake.  Before we depart for our ride, we will form groups based on skill level and allow groups to choose three different routes.  All groups will be asked to make it back to College of Marin by 12:30 and asked to turn around and head down the the mountain if they have not reached their Summit by 11:45am.

The first route will go to Pheonix Lake and then have the option of climbing up Shaver Grade to Five Corners.  They will then head back to college of Marin following the same route.  This route has about 600ft of climbing and is one of the least technical rides in the area.

The second route will go from Pheonix Lake up Eldridge grade.  They will then take a right on Filter Plant Road and climb up to Sky Oaks road. After taking a left on Sky Oaks they will do a loop around Lake Lagunitas and then head back to College of Marin the same way.  This route has about 900ft of climbing and is not extremely techically demanding.

The third group will climb Eldridge Grade and attempt to make it to the top of Mt Tam.  At 11:45 or when groups reach the top (whichever happens first) they will turn around, head down Eldridge Grade, take a right on Indian Fire Road and then head down to College of Marin.  This route offers up to about 2600 ft of climbing and offers much more technical challenge than the other rides.

As we do not have insurance, we will need students to bring their own guardians, preferably their parents.  I’m sure that some parents will bring their children and some of their children’s friends.  Let’s cap the number of kids that any one parent can bring to three kids and make sure that the parents know that they need to do the whole ride with all of the kids that they bring.

Thanks and please let me know what you think!

College of Marin map

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