“Safety Orange” WORKS!
Orange is highly visible in shade, low light, against other popular colors, in bright lights, against a bright sky and in wooded areas.
Bright orange helps keep groups together and easier to predict where we’ll go.
We reinforce the rules of the road.
2013-2014 Tiburon Bike Train 
2014-2015 The Orange Bike Team was formed by Noah and Nelly at Bel Aire Elementary.
2015-2016  Safe Routes to School and Bike Club students and parents contributed to The Tiburon Bike and Pedestrian Plan. A bike field trip at Del Mar in October and at Bel Aire in May were signature events with bike legends attending.
Every year bike education is offered on various days, weeks and month to Bel Aire Elementary School students.
Businesses help keep kids rolling with in- kind donations and contributions. Our efforts continue with their support. Thanks!