Orange Bike Team

The Orange Bicycle Team is all about being visible. Wearing “safety orange” has proven to make a difference in keeping visibility high in shade, low light, against other color, in bright lights, against a bright sky in the woods, against pavement and among other people. It helps keep groups together and maintains a presence so drivers are aware. This is the first layer of safety when we take the road. When you buy our orange shirts you are showing support for our mission to keep visibility high for bikes in the road. Our education component is to teach the rules of the road through the nationally recognized standards in curriculums developed by the League of American Bicyclists.


The Orange Bike Team was formed in the first week of the Fall semester in 2014 at Bel Aire Elementary. Parents and children wanted to see the Tiburon Bike Train live on. To show visibility and support we purchased shirts to give children to wear. Since then plans are in the works for more action.

1. We are providing children who ride regularly receive orange shirts. For those who ride every day other orange items are on order. WheelEscape has ordered: Jackets, helmets, gloves, socks and other items in orange to keep visibility high.

2. We are offering clinics for adults and after school cycling education for children.

3. We are asking for improvements to road safety along Greenwood Beach Road and Blackfield Dr. and have successfully advocated to Caltrans and Tiburon that a count down signal be installed. Thanks to the Town of Tiburon for funding the new light.

4. Sponsors, McLeodFX,, WTB, The Bicycle Odyssey and the Bayside Garden Center  cheer us on and remain supportive. Our efforts continue with their support. Thanks!

sponsors2BaysideGardenA Bicycle Odyssey logo

Partners: Marin County Bicycle Coalition, The Sylvia Bingham Fund, Trips For Kids, Safe Routes to School

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